Situated in one of the most scenic parts of Namibia, you can come into close contact with nature itself. Hundreds of species of birds and mammals can be sighted here, including elephant, black and white rhino, hippo, giraffe and numerous antelope ranging from the majestic Kudu to the diminutive Damraland Dik-Dik. Preditors, such as lion, leopard and cheetah also roam this area.

Mount Etjo means “place of refuge”. The guest is accommodated in natural surroundings, having the option to stay in our Rhino Lodge, which is mor for the visitor who likes peace and quie of nature or our Main Lodge. Rooms are furnished comfortable, with en-suite toilet and bath facilities and a number of rooms in our Main Lodge are equipped with their own priate Jacuzzis. Our main lodge with a swimming pool and garden area overlooks a waterhole, where many animals, including hippo can be observed.